Lincoln Plaza Tower
General Information
Building Address:                    44 West 62nd St. 
                                               New York, NY 10023
       Front Desk Telephone:                   (212) 265-6947
Superintendent:                      Willie Hernandez
                                              (212) 265-6948
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Lincoln Plaza Tower
Charles H. Greenthal & Co. website
Managing Agent:     Charles H. Greenthal & Co.
                                (212) 340-9300
- Building Manager:                      Tom Yee        (212) 340-9304
   - Closing & Refi Coordinator:       Sean Paris       (212) 340-9332 send e-mail to Michael Groll
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2007 - 2008 Board of Directors
Michael Groll         -   President
David Epstein         -   Co-Treasurer
Seto Eurdekian        -   Vice President
Dan Feder               -  Vice President
Ken Grayson           -   Secretary
Bill Short                -   Vice President
Rob Shurman          -   Co-Treasurer
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